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If you want something or need something, YOU need to make it happen.  Sometimes that means asking for help and sometimes it means fighting the system.  These organizations were created to battle on behalf of people with disabilities.  They ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities and rights as people without them, making life a little bit easier for the disabled community and their families.
Helping Hands
Established in 1978, the NCD is an independent agency that makes recommendations to the President and Congress on ways to improve the quality of life for Americans with disabilities and their families.  The organization works to empower the disabled and promote equal opportunity.  Members of the NCD meet several times a year to discuss priorities, policy trends, and other agency business.  The Council's membership includes people with disabilities, and its meetings are open to the public.
The NDRN is the Washington, D.C. based nonprofit membership organization that works on behalf of:
1. Protection & Advocacy Systems nationwide(P&A), and 
2. Client Assistance Programs nationwide (CAP)
Together, these two programs offer the nation's largest legal advocacy service for people with disabilities.  P&A and CAP provide legal representation and other advocacy services.  In addition to legal aid, they offer assistance in the areas of civil rights, community integration, education, employment, mental health, transportation, voting, and more.  The national website will link you to your local office.  On the site you also can sign up to get the latest news, alerts, and information about the rights of people with disabilities.
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